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Thank you for taking your time to visit our website.Malaika Media provides corporate photography and video to public companies, professional firms and private businesses. We also receive regular relations consultancies and financial design agencies who require first class business photography on behalf of their clients.


For senior executives, time is money. We know that photo shoots often have to fit between other meetings. Or they need to be hastily rescheduled to different times and places. Malaika media team is flexible and can accommodate last minute schedule changes, and we can be on site outside of regular office hours if required. We also understand how important it is to produce excellent photography that is ready for unmissable deadlines within very short timescales.


Our work covers many different types of photographic assignments, ranging from individual and group portraits, company events (product or service launches, company parties, conferences), annual report to location photography.

Achieving clear, consistent staff portraits when taken in a client’s office and not in a photographic studio needs specialist portable equipment.When on location, we will bring to the shoot our own compact studio system; this allows us to get the best possible lighting. Leaving the photographer free to concentrate on achieving required poses and expressions, so they look strong across a company’s team profile page.
One person can’t whistle a symphony, It takes a... "Group to play it" Much can be said for working in a team, it’s looking like one that makes all the difference. A strong commanding group photo not only helps to boost the morale of those within it, but also helps to Strengthen the Trust of those Engaging your Business. Malaika Media can help you create the unity of your team and help to support trust from your clients.
The days of a “Faceless” corporation are grossly outdated. "In Business, Looking Good is Half the Battle" Today, prospective clients place a great deal of value in being able to identify with their suppliers. If the image of your company and those who represent it, is not readily available to your prospects, how can you earn their trust, most of all... Why should they believe you? Much less, buy from you! A warm friendly approachable smile will always attract more customers than just a “Company Logo”. Malaika Media can help you create the trust between your Company and your Clients.
How do your clients remember you? Strengthening the bonds between your company and your clients is vital for the longevity of your business. Undoubtedly, a considerable amount of time and effort goes into providing your clients with the... "Best Experience Possible" Malaika Media will capture those important function moments that help your clients recognize the foundations you have built. This is essential to the maintenance of your relationships between your clients and your company.
Capturing your staff “At work” allows your clients to see the true grit of your business, the people that make it happen. This is an opportunity to show the professionalism of your organization as well as the eagerness of your staff. This type of photography aids in demonstrating the various aspects of your Company as well as the vital assets that... Malaika Media will help to create images that put you, Head and Shoulders above your competition. Photographs that capture the size and breadth of your company, helping you win more business.
Among the most the most important marketing techniques lies in the light in which it is presented. We at Malaika Media, we make your product a star. In the hands of our expertly experience team, your product is carefully set up and captured from its very best angles. It's no secret that great product photography increases sales and lends professionalism and credibility to the products and the businesses selling them.


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