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At Malaika Media we help ambitious business endeavors of all shapes and size to communicate their messages through creative, engaging high-quality Corporate Videos. We pride ourselves in the quality of our videos, delivering great business results for our clients and also our efforts towards supporting the "The Lens Foundation"

Malaika Media starts by listening. We want to understand your underlying goals. Every company, and every CEO is different, and we set out to tailor your video to your specific needs – the “story” your CEO wants to tell, the intended audience, and above all, the unique company culture. These are the elements that will be woven into the fabric of the production – the tone, the message, the visual style
Promotional videos are a fantastic way to target a specific audience and instantly engage them. Promo videos produced by Malaika Media Uganda are visually stimulating, memorable and highly effective. Our promotional videos ensure that your brand and product is represented in the best possible light. When it’s a physical product we shoot, edit and present it so it connects to the right audience. these may include: Case Study Videos, Product Demo Videos, Exhibition Videos, Testimonial Videos
If you want a commercial video which will set you apart from your competition and powerfully deliver your marketing message, then you need us. When you work with Malaika Media Video Production crew you will have access to years of commercial video production experience. Our team comes from a diverse range of experience in film production, visual effects and commercial advertising
we create training videos which teach and inform to make measurable improvements to performance. Learning through video enables people to retain new information faster and more accurately. Video contains all of the elements of communication which makes it much more effective than other mediums for training. We take the time to understand your training objectives in-depth. Videos include: Health & Safety Videos, Distance Learning Videos, Workforce & Management Communication Videos, Contractor & New Starter Induction Videos, Interactive Training Videos, Actor/ Scenario Based Training Videos
Be it a project, conference, seminar, workshop, fashion show or Entertainment. We thrive on taking projects right from the initial brief all the way through to delivering the final output. Whether you need filmed interviews our flexible and creative approach means we provide our clients with finished products that are exciting, informative, and often unique. Get in touch with us today for your upcoming event
It's a motion graphics technique that manipulates the text with the ability to capture and sustain. Have you ever wondered how to make those sweet kinetic typography videos that you see on youtube, in music videos, and in professional films. Kinetic typography videos are perfect if you have a complex idea or product that you want to explain in simple, easy to understand terms. They are entertaining to watch and can deliver your message quickly and efficiently.It's a motion graphics technique that manipulates the text with the ability to capture and sustain viewer attention


Malaika Media works with great brands in uganda and the world at large, and we pride ourselves on break through work that delivers results. If you’d like to learn more about our work, feel free to browse the case studies below.

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